Wednesday, January 04, 2012

2012 is the year of the dragon!

I was born in the year of the dog. We are loyal, dedicated and *mostly* obedient. 2011 was the year of the rabbit and was a terrible year for me. I lost my nearly 4 year job at Daly's. I was unemployed for 4 months before getting a summer temp job at Home Depot. I really liked it, but 4 customer service awards weren't enough to make me permanent in this economy. I now work at an independent video store, with very part time hours and minimum wage pay, but I like the job a lot. But it's not enough anymore. My boyfriend, bless his heart, is taking care of me and trying to keep me positive. My parents have been helping us with food and medical bills, especially with my back problems since November. Christmas came and went and I still have holiday presents I intend to MAKE for people. My New Year's Eve ended and began with a headache.

Myself and a few other ladies jumped into the cool, refreshing waters of Lake Washington with hundreds of others and I want to feel as if it washed the bitterness of the last year away. I'm starting this year strong, with two new philosophies, one when my *almost* sister in-law asked why I and other people did the Polar Bear Plunge on New Year's Day. To which I responded "I did it because I could. I will never summit a mountain or visit most of the world, but they are there and that is enough of a reason for people to go there and do that." That inspired me. It reminded me of doing the BIG Climb. Another philosophy started because of that letter to Teatro Zinzanni. "You don't know until you ask. The worst they can do is say 'no'.'

In light of that, I have copied that same 'cover letter' and I'm sending it with letters of recommendation, my resume and samples of my costumes to theaters all over the city... seven packets in all. hopefully someone will bite.

Other goals for this year? (I'm not going to say resolution. It's a bad buzz word)
Finish the Loch Ness oil painting
more sewn stuff for Etsy
belated holiday gifts
Robert's Starkiller painting and any others in the queue
mural for Bobakhan
work on the furry comic for years past
get healthier (toned up, more energy, that sorta thing)
get Aurra approved by ECCC

I need the rehindle the fiery spirit of the dragon that I used to have. I need to be awesome and optimistic. the best I can. The only one who can do it is me!


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