Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Going About it the Wrong Way

Too much has happened since my last post to go into any sort of detail, but
*Oct 2 was my last day at Home Depot, though it was my first day at Video Factory.
*Oct 26 was my first day at Jo Ann's and Oct 30 was my last because i hated it and the pay was terrible.
*Oct 28 was my birthday. I went to spa, sang karaoke and had awesome food with a bunch of friends.
*Oct 29 I trooped as Aurra Sing. The make-up worked the best so far. 3rd time's a charm!
*Oct 31 was Halloween. I gave Kevin and Merce the costumes I've been working tirelessly on for them. They offered me money, but I refused because they treat me to food and drinks and rides and staying at their house and Kevin makes breakfast and I could never afford to repay them for all their kindness (though I wouldn't mind a back rub)
*Nov 2 was my 30th day away from Home Depot, where I actually miss working at a great deal. I reapplied and called the manager to let them know.

But money has been hard. Robert has been exceptional patient and supportive of me and was the one who put the idea that Jo Ann's wasn't worth it into my head. Since then, the stress level has been pretty low and now I'm getting ready for a holiday arts and craft fair on Sunday.

Then, last night I went trolling around on Craig's List since I haven't done that in awhile. I saw a listing for a costuming intern at Teatro Zinzanni. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I went about it the wrong way...I was completely candid and honest.

Here's how I normally respond:

"Hello Bill, my name is Sarah Silverman and I feel I am a good match for your Graphic Artist position. I have talent traditional artist, though I'm familiar with the Adobe Creative Suite and Mac OSX platform. I also have an extensive knowledge of human and animal anatomy, and feel that illustrating for works of fantasy would be the perfect fit. I'm very detail oriented, dedicated and a swift learner. I am a highly motivated individual and am a good motivator of others.

Attached are my resume and a few samples of my fantasy work. I can provide others if requested. There is also a good assortment online at my Deviant Art gallery.

Looking forward to hearing back.


Keep in mind, that was from 11/15/2009 and that was how I got the Area 51 gig, which was a big dream crusher. No pay. No job. Lies and heartache and hope of getting out of retail being dashed on the rocks.

I've heard of people only opening my emails and reading them because 'Sarah Silverman' sent them. I bet most people/employers don't even read them, don't even look at my pathetic resume or art samples. they most likely hit 'delete' after reading my opening line, so I figured I needed a hook.

This what I sent them:

"To whom it may concern,

Hello, my name is Sarah Silverman and I have a BFA in Illustration...

...but when you look at my resume, you'll see that it hasn't mattered much at all. I'm going about this completely the wrong way, since most employers look at my resume when I apply for art jobs and probably laugh to themselves, so I'm going to be honest with you. Aside from getting a few freelance jobs here and there, I haven't worked much as an artist since graduating from college. I've worked retail and customer service jobs to put food on the table.

Here's where I prove to you that I'm not wasting your time: I belong to a Star Wars costuming club called "The 501st Legion". It is George Lucas' preferred club and we do charity work in costume all over the world. We have very exacting standards for movie quality costumes. Prior to 2 years ago, I barely knew how to sew. Thanks to this organization, I know how to sew, fiberglass, dye and sew leather by hand and many other skills. I recently used my learned skills to complete a set of non Star Wars costumes for two friends for Halloween.

What I'm asking is that you take a chance on me. I would love to be a costumer for a theater or production company. I'm too long out of college to be considered for an internship, but I would be elated to be and unpaid intern under a master costume maker just so I could gain some experience. I have reliable transportation and I'm an expert at sourcing materials from second hand stores for when a production is under a tight budget. I'm a hard worker, fast learner and very dedicated. I just need the opportunity to prove it.

I have attached a copy of my resume and also a letter of recommendation from the C.O. (commanding officer) of Garrison Titan, the local chapter of the 501st here in Washington State.

I hope that you at least read through this message all the way. I look forward to hearing back from you, regardless of what the answer is.

Thank you for your time.

They might actually look at my stuff, right? Like I said, I've got nothing to lose. If no one contacts me back, no harm- no foul. It's not like they are going to take time out of their busy schedule to respond back and tell me how inappropriate that was, right? Besides, I just want an internship. Unpaid. They get my labor FOR FREE. All I want is for them to give me some much need job experience, but that seems to be too much to ask of someone. To just take a chance on you.

In this economy, why would you? You can pick through the most qualified of people, the cream of the crop, and not have to worry about those down here, at my level who want it more. I heard that job seekers are more likely to be hired away from another job than to get a job in the first place...like if you're unemployed. It's kinda lame, but that seems to be how if works. This is what they don't teach you in college. the cold hard facts of life. I have many unemployed friends and sadly, we're all creative types. Art jobs are harder to come by, harder to get since there are art schools out the wazzoo and everyone is going digital nowadays, so traditionally trained artists like myself have an even harder time getting off the ground.

We'll see what happens.


Blogger Hendel D'bu said...

If I was lookin' for an artist, I'd take a chance on someone who sent that letter - it was fab. Unfortunately, I'm not, but I am hoping that the one who received that letter will actually read it and consider you.

I'm kinda partial to the 'wrong way' myself... hugs to you, my friend. (Oh, and the costumes are fab!)

11:54 AM  

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