Friday, March 18, 2011

Journey to Agamar

With ECCC over, I can concentrate on other projects...namely all the stuff I put off to finish up everything for the con.

18x24" gouache poster (need to find the flash drive the scan is on)
6+ foot long Aurra sing rifle
Darth Stewie
freebie art 'trading' cards (see previous posts)
scout corset

Then somebody waved money in my face and I got a sweet commission! Marc the ARC wanted a scene fighting .... something in a foresty setting. Well, he provided me some back story of the character, Ordo, and I looked up where he was stationed that had forests. One place was called "Agamar", which according to Wookiepedia was/is 'The world developed a reputation as a rough planet where it was difficult to survive'.

I found no visual references to creatures, so I made up one. It's obviously based on dragons, but it has 6 legs. The first pair are only for grasping stuff and have sharp claws. The other pairs have toes that end in hooves for speed. It also has a set offalse eyes in front of the real ones and gnarly horns. Please George Lucas and art staff over the world, I mean you no ill will!

Here is the creature, which I called an Agamarahk cuz it sounded cool.

My intent is to make the final line art sepia then print it directly to a sheet of 150ld cold press watercolor paper for painting. Should be pretty awesome! On one hand, I leave for Scotland and Ireland next friday, so I don't want to push or rush anything, but at the same time, I'd really like to get it done before I leave...we'll see how it goes.


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