Monday, September 19, 2011

Back to Formula

I found out today that HD isn't going to make me permanent. I've got mixed emotions.
I'm sad since I thought I was doing great since I have 3 Homer Awards, which is a lot for a new employee, temp or perm. I had made friends there and had developed a good rapport with customers, some have even asked if I was hired yet. I'm concerned about my income being in jeopardy again, especially considering the birthday I started to plan for myself. Bt at the same time, I can put my time to good use with creative projects that were all put back on hold by the very inconsistant schedule I had. I can also look for a job with better hours or pay or distance from home. I can keep track of my HD friends through the power of Facebook and keep trying to convert them into the 501st! Plus, if I get a good with good pay, I can buy stuff for my yard and home from HD!

So, with all that going on, I was trying to get back to doing what I used to do at Daly's during my lunches: projects/ In July I brought my Aurra Sing belts and holsters to work on and the last two days I brought in a long over due portrait painting for Paul. I finished it today and was really happy with it. I also started on one of Robert as Starkiller, though I'm reminded that I SUCK at portraiture.

I have the next 2 days off, so I intend to use them to clean the house, especially in the hobby room, start on the cider making (need to buy apples....not enough were on the tree :( ) and work on all these crazy creative projects I've got stacking up (plus I'm also coming up with more!). Should be busy and eventful....hopefully.


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