Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Crash Course in Oil (and life)

It's been 5 years at least since I worked with oil, but I found some old paintings of mine while helping my mother clean her house and I was pretty decent at it and decided to give it another shot. My mother bought me a starter set of Windsor Newton Artisan water soluble oils, Robert got me a solvent jar and some palette knives and I was to hit the ground running. But where to start?

Did you read the descriptions in the WiP (work in progress)? I hope you did because I didn't feel like retyping it. I have some smaller brushes from my mom that I can use now as well. I figure if my client doesn't like it, I'll print another, less dark and use watercolor to paint it as originally intended.

What else am I doing you ask? Well, I found out my boyfriend thinks I have a disorder http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Histrionic_personality_disorder which if you read the description, it's more accurate than ANY horoscope or rather description of the attributes of Scorpio I've ever seen. Basically, I had a sudden onset of depression and self doubt, followed by an identity crisis, since it suddenly seemed like everything that I did, going to cons, trooping and so on were because of this...THING?! He and I really haven't talked about it beyond that day, other than that he loves me and even though whatever it is gets a bit much (he told me to just dress 'normal' and not in costume to go to SakuraCon) he loves me all the same, and admittedly it's those quirks that caused him to fall for me in the first place. That's reassuring at least. But I am finding myself second guessing things a bit more and trying to hold my tongue and think a bit harder before I speak and react to something. But it feels like one more stress that I DON'T need right now.

The last few days, in addition to painting, I've been walking all over the internet, rewriting my resume and job profiles. Updating my accounts on Monster and Linkedin (which I forgot I had) and set up a profile on CareerFan and TCG. Linkedin so far has proved eventful. I went to the Starbucks HQ site and they have an opening in the design department. My former sorta not really boss (but still friend)'s wife works at HQ, though in a different department. I also recalled that a classmate of mine from the Sci-ill cert at the UW works (worked) there IN THE DESIGN DEPT and she is a connection on Linkedin! I sent her a PM and even though she's no longer at Starbucks, the company she works for now is looking for a junior designer and sent said she could put my resume in front of the owner!!!! *crosses fingers*

Other weird stuff? While cleaning in our laundry room, I found a notebook from my college days. It's filled with sketches, lecture notes, a list of songs to download (which I did today) and a fantasy I had of myself and a person I messed around with during college having a thing in one of the studios. Pretty weird to read it all again.

One last bit of art stuff if anyone is still there, I started on another oil painting, just covering the canvas with spray paint to hide the white, but you can picture what it is. Eilean Donan castle along Loch Duich is something I will lament not getting to see for more than 10 minutes. I'm thankful to have the internet to show me a virtual tour, but how good is that really? *sigh* The painting itself is based on a combination of photos to create the composition I want, even though the view in the painting isn't one that I saw in reality, but may in fact exist. If I ever make it back to Scotland, hopefully I can pester my sister from another mister that we make a trip up there...a long long trip. It looks like it's 60KM or so from Glaskow.
http://www.eileandonancastle.com/ *sigh........*


Blogger Kat the Leopardess said...

Oooh, I have only a few things left from art school. You are so lucky that your parents havent moved a whole lot and your stuff is still right where you last stored it. My college life was pretty much a blur socially but I do like to look at my old work with fondness. I miss painting on canvas, but I never have experienced using oils.

I have contemplated phoning you and seeing how you were doing. Lots of thoughts that are not on-topic to your art journal. Much to discuss in relation to catching up. So much seems to happen in mere months with this strange socio-economic climate.

Be well. Let me know if you decide to join us at Califur this year, but Ill pass any and all messages along that you wish.

9:18 AM  

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