Friday, April 15, 2011

Scotland/Ireland journal and something extra

I have no desire to post the entirety of the journal here, even if it's many less pages than my Tasmania/Australia journal (which I never scanned sketches from...hrm, I'll have to rectify that). But here are some samplings for your viewing pleasure:

This is from 4/5-4/6/2011 which is our second night in Galway and our drive to the Cliffs of Moher the next day. In this and my Aussie journal, Rummy is my personification of myself.

Our first night with the group in Edinburgh, I was feeling very lonely at the bar with my cider, so I started conceptualizing an 'Apple Angel' and this is actually my second shot. I was really pleased with it and it got folks at the pub (not bar) to talk to me. Yay for art as an ice breaker!

From that some of the guys on the tour, Jeff and Kevin asked if I could draw them a tattoo design from this dragon statue they saw in England. They showed me a photo and I drew the little sketch in the upper left and from that and memory drew and inked the pic. They were both very impressed and I made Kevin a photocopy. No clue if he actually got the tat done or not.

I drew another pin-up gal (these are in non reproduction [non photo] blue btw, which is why it's so light). She's supposed to look 'ethnic' and those are supposed to be hops vines. Eh.

Our night at the Loch Ness Lodge (the night before I got sick) we played trivia and our team, TEAM PENETRATION, came in second. During that evening, I did this painting start to finish. Tamara said it needed a diver or something, do there's a little boat in the picture.

Sean asked me to draw a gal with bat wings. Women with wings and curves are some of my favorite things to draw. How could I not oblige?

On 4/11 after the tour was over and done, Robert, Tam and our friend Mike who had stayed a few extra days got to explore the Dublin area at our own pace...or my pace I should say. We went to the National Botanical Gardens and it was lovely. I would've loved more time there, plus it would've been great if the Lily house was open *sigh*.

On our last day we visited St. Patrick's church, and even though I'm not a religious person, I was inspired. Maybe I'll turn it into a painting one day...

And know for the surprise! Remember the piece I did for Emerald City Comic Con, with text added (hence all the extra space above the characters). I noticed I forgot to put the vent stripes on the TK when I was viewing the scan (my flash drive was misplaced right after con). It is owned by the lovely James Holliday, who donated $100 to receive it. That went towards our team "Garrison Titan and Friends" at the BIG Climb 3/20 for the Leukemia-Lymphoma Society.

If you'd like a print or copy of the file without text, you have to ask his permission first.

If you'd like to commission me to do a piece for you, contact me
As a cheering up present (don't ask) my mom got me a set of water soluble oils, so I can get back into that too! Woot!


Blogger Kat the Leopardess said...

An artistic journey as well as a spatial one. Nice. :)

Apple Angel would make a lovely vector shirt design. Maybe appletini? (I know, no booze for you after feeling so icky).

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