Friday, September 09, 2011

More work with oil

I can in no way deny that I've been depressed lately, or at least melancholy. I'm happy to be employed. The people at HD are awesome and there is far less drama or 'politics' than at Daly's. But the inconsistency of shifts is hard to adapt to and EVERY department is under staffed and people get pulled around. It makes my ability to give good customer service harder when I have to deal with untrained people, or rather people who seem unwilling to be helpful. Sigh....

Because of the weird schedule (today I'm 12-9, the last two days I was 2-11, tomorrow I'm 10:30-7 I think) it's hard to find/make time for anything else. I haven't updated this blog in forever, or my thread on my Aurra Sing costume on the boards or done ANY sewing! Two friends broke up in June and one came to stay with us for awhile until he could get his own place. Then our current roommate announced she was going to move out. for 1.5 months there were 4 people and 4 people's worth of stuff living in a 1 bathroom house. I think I went into crazy bitch mode a dozen times. The roomie situation is now settled and we've been working on the recovery of our homestead, cleaning the kitchen and living room and painting in there. My next areas of aggravation are always my art room and the hobby room. The first is back to where I feel I can work on stuff and have so many things in the queue and new ideas being pushed back. The hobby room I blame mostly on robert since his airsoft crap is just dropped everywhere and my sewing stuff is nicely stuffed onto shelves. I need to force myself to get up at a consistent time and use my mornings well. Today I intended on updating my Photobucket, but I'm having issues with it, so I'm here.

August 3rd a day off, so I went Plein Aire painting with my mom (hence the title) on Queen Anne. The view was nothing too fancy, just a lovely afternoon looking west over Elliott Bay. I worked with oil paints, making a raw umber wash/ under painting and just started laying it color. It's very freeing to just mash paint onto a canvas board. I did the piece in maybe 3 hours. I'm not trying to be anal about it. It's for therapy. I got some good comments on my sky from my mom's instructor. Now it's one more thing to sit and collect dust in my art room. I'm happy I did it. Maybe I'll go again. Maybe I'll get back to feeling like an artist again and give a shit.

While cleaning out stuff in my art room I found my boxes of furry prints from cons and such. If ANYONE of here wants ANY of that stuff for FREE, you're welcome to come by and look through it. I've got prints and originals and shirts and stuff like that. I'm also getting rid of a bunch of art supplies but those are spoken for.

I'm sorry I'm being so moody everyone. I just don't like uncertainty. I'm assuming HD isn't hiring me on permanently and that I'll be unemployed again in a month, so I've already started looking and it hurts to feel like you have no skills...and that the skills you have aren't good ENOUGH to get you anywhere.

Maybe I should join the Navy.


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We love you. If you join the Navy, it better be Imperial!

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