Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Catching Up on Things

A LOT has happened since my last writing...worst/best of which is my firing. Why it was a bad thing is obvious: the lack of income and I've received no unemployment yet. Good things are that I have time to do things I enjoy and be productive, since the store was slow anyways. I'm finally getting some closure to the Area 51 fiasco. I've been working on an Aurra Sing costume while working out to get into shape for the red unitard she wears. I was tapped to do a poster for ECCC representing all 3 Star Wars costuming clubs and lots of other projects.

I thought I might share an art dump with you. Firstly is the finished "Endor" piece. Click HERE for the journal about it.

Then there's another watercolor portrait of my garrison mate Mike (we call him RC Mike vs. TK-Tank Mike). It's very belated, as is the next one for Paul. I'm hoping to have his and *hopefully* a few more down in time for ECCC to print up trading card size as table freebies.

The coolest thing in the "Choose Your Allegiance" poster for ECCC. The original sketch is done by Terry (PandaTrooper of Outer Rim Squad) and I did a colored version which you can sorta see on the left in my Work in Progress pics. He created the final art, which he's going to digitally gray scale for the actual flier that'll have all the membership info to hand out at the con. The original artwork will be part of a table auction at the 501st/ Rebel Legion/ Mando Merc table. Hope to see you there! I'll be the dancing scout!

I've got a lot of different projects in the pipeline. Hopefully I'll be able to make them public soon. Wish me luck!


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