Friday, December 12, 2008

Guess where I live?

I don't recall when I did the initial sketch for this. Probably last year sometime. But I did my normal take the thumbnail, scan it, blow it up, refine it with tracing paper, blow that up, refine it again using reference material, scan it, test print it in sepia-esqu tone until the lightness or darkness of the lines is just right, then print it onto watercolor paper. Then I wash over nearly everything underwater with a blue tone and let it dry. Then I mask off what needs to be masked and start painting. I do the background first. If I painted the animals first, I'd be like 'screw the water' and never finish it. All the animals are local to Puget sound, though you might have to go to the aquarium or the north sound (which is healthier than around Seattle) to see them.

The final is in watercolor (no ink) and some white acrylic highlights because gouche wasn't doing it for me. I did all the painting during my lunches at Daly's with my awesome travel set of Winsor Newton paints and my nice sable and squirrel brushes. One thing to note is my travel set is unique to me. I HATE predecided watercolor sets. I like my own assortment of colors thanks. I also hate blocks or pan paints. You get no mixing area in the dish and they get goopy and dry too quick. At Daniel Smith (hold onto your wallet) I found an enamled metal pan set. True, you have to buy the plastic pans to fit in it, either half or full pan size, but it's so worth the $40+ to be able to 1) choose your own colors, 2) use your TUBE paints to refill the pans as needed and 3) you can change the pans around. I own more watercolors than fit in my pans, but I put in only the colors I use frequently. My mom got me my Windsor Newton watercolors and got me hooked on the squirrel brushes I use when I got the set for my 22nd birthday. Price went up, but it includes the half pans now. WORTH IT!

There was a show at a gallery in Vancover Wasington that I learned about and the theme was "Flora and Fauna", which is perfect for me. I submitted the Amazonian aecosystem piece from last year and the Puget Sound piece, and a painting of a dandelion. Only the latter didn't get accepted. Now I need to mat and from them and ship (ugh) them to the gallery,



Blogger Kat said...

Congrats, Rummy. Patience in an art piece is what makes the piece shine. Sometimes I walk away for a bit and when I return, my soul is refreshed to continue the creating

So, any chance you will blog more often?? *poke poke*

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