Saturday, August 11, 2007


So, per chance you heard of my booting from GDG? Or my attempt to get divorced? Or my lovely and encouraging sweety? all of these things are true! My artistry had been all but crushed by stress until I found a sketchbook of partially inked pictures of my various characters in lingerie and outfits I actually own...and I started inking them! they look great and so if the paper takes watercolor, I'm going to paint them and sell prints and maybe the originals at Rainfurrest later this month. Then my beloved kitten asked for a Mucha inspired mermaid for a tattoo and after much research in the style, I abliged. Much awesomeness was had. It's a tattooists worse nightmare I'm sure. I'll do another. Then based on a joke at work involved Paule the tint mistress (head tinter), Bob Dylan and angels getting stoned, I drew an angel smoking a hookah. now, I'm asthmatic. I don't like smoking hookah (I have before) or weed (I miss it kinda though) and cigars and cigarettes should be banned from every public establishment, but the imagery of smoke and the concept is neato. Both have been scanned so I can color them

Many many many artists (including a (former?) friend from college have emulated the style of Mucha. I'm not trying to steal anyone's thunder or style, I'm also not stealing his exact poses (like a certain furry artist I know). I'm more of channeling his spirit, yet you still see my style in the faces and anatomy. I'm mostly using his use of line and design and composition. I'm working on another one as well. I drew a sketch of it at the register at work today (did I mention I work at Daly's paint now?) and turned it into a bigger sketch during lunch. It's a painter girl. go fig!


Blogger Kaveh said...

These are awesome! I love the inkwork; it's working really well in these pieces. Nice to see that you are posting again (sortof). Old Much has guided you well ;-)

9:14 AM  
Blogger WolfWings said...

Good to see you posting again, was starting to wonder what'd been up with you; since I moved out to Kansas City for work and to save up money I hadn't heard any news in a'while.

6:03 PM  

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