Saturday, October 18, 2008

OMFG! I'm NOT dead!

In fact, I did a crazy awesome piece of art. I just now finished it. Don't know how I did it or where it came from or if I'll ever be able to paint like that again. It's a EXTREMELY belated (as in from last year) painting of Rummy (me) for my boyfriend's dad Rich. You'll notice I actually signed it with a ball point pen and painted the whiskers. I never put whiskers on my characters, but I think it gives it a more authentic, 1940s-1950s style pin up photo look.

It was painted using only Payne's Grey (the original has a blueish cast, the scan is grey scale) and was painted with only two brushes: #2 round Black Gold (for the super details, mostly the eyes) and a #8 round Daniel Smith squirrel hair brush. These two brushes series make up the majority of my brushes. I've even had some stolen (I got these my senior year of college as a gift from my mom in 2004). In the Black Gold brushes I have also a #4 & #6 round, a #3 & #6 travel round (they come apart in the middle and fold into eachother) and a 1/2" cat's tongue, which is a Daniel smith squirrel brush. The cat's tongue brushes are great. they hold alot of paint and make wide, soft washes. I also have a 1" one. i could go on about my watercolor supplies and how much I love them, but it's late. I'm tired and I work tomorrow.

More art will be forth coming. I need to schedule a day where I do nothing but scan art and upload it to my various online art sites and update my website.


Blogger Kat said...

wow! Fantastic! I really like how you deviated from your normal proportions and changed the way that Rummy looked in small ways, then adding some beautiful shading to go with it.

That is definitely worth the wait! Great to hear from you for a change!

8:44 AM  

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