Friday, November 10, 2006

artastic me

So, the fruits of my labor. The flats being by far the most time consuming bit of this piece. This is for Ben Coon who's sketchbook has missed him and endured becoming second best to job hunting and my personal depression...but NO MORE! It is finished! The non yiffy, yet dragon porn Wise asian dragon for your viewing pleasure!

#1 is the inked image, no futzing yet. Not even contrasted.
#2 is the flatted image. Lots of outlining and selecting things. Oy!
#3 is the image with a basic dark blue background.
#4 is after adding 'difference clouds' to give a weird, spacial feel. Like they're floating in space.
#5 is starting to futz with the magical auras of magic. That also took some time.
#6 is glowy stuff!
#7 is weird text futzing and all the dodging and burning to add light and shade. If you can, look at the dragon's eye. It rocks!
#8 is the same background, but adjusting to opacity of the blue background and adding a white layer.
#9 is no lines! OMGd!
#10 is my favorite version. I removed the dark blue layer. It looks all mystical and stuff.

If anyone is asking about my commission book, it's decently full. Are YOU on the list of artistic to-dos?
USO oh nos! -kitten
Girls Drawing Girls x3 (not a commission, but muy importante)-tha group
Booby foxy loves- Setti
double O fox- 00fox
Nine Lives (eventually)-me
dorian's wish (more eventually)-me
Folf loves fries!-folf
biker panda redo-panda

GDG is due in jan. the two comic titles I'd like to get out soon, but at least before califur is fine. 00fox is due before FC. USO is due as soon as I can finish it. Folf is promised before turkey day.

If you want to commission me, put in your request fefore turkey day. I work at the ups store, so I'll be pretty busy until after xmas. Lemme know.


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