Thursday, February 23, 2006

Art battle ala FC

This is the fun sketch series/battle between White Lynx and I at Further Confusion 2006 this last January. I met him in the lobby. He was one of the fan boys who was hanging out with kitten. I Was looking at his sketchbook and recognized a pic he had drawn for Katmandu. He had to leave, so I kidnapped his book and since he said it was his first furry con, I drew a pic of kitten and I hasseling him about being a con virgin. Then saturday of the con, I was REALLY sick, like chills and fever, can't hardly walk sick, so he made me a get well card, which was soo sweet. Then sunday night in the creators lounge, he drew this: to follow without Rummy getting in trouble yet being humerous...

Notice her crossed fingers and evil smile

How does one fly in a shower? And how did I get there?


Oh shit. Not good.

See, here is where I figured it would be done and yet still funny, haha, no harm, no foul...with a cameo of Peaches. But no....

I saw this and felt sooo bad. He was such a nice guy, but Rummy can't be with any male that isn't Peaches or anyone completely made up by me, who isn't someone's character (Mr. Mistoffelees is the except...and Hugh Jackman). But I wanted the story to not end on a bad not, so I brought out someone who isn't me and looooves fan boys.

So, we'll see where Lynx takes it now.

Lynceus/White Lynx copyright himself
Izzy copyright herself
Rummy and Celest copyright ME BITCHES!


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hehehehehe. such fun. :)

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