Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Back from tha DEED!

HEED! PANTS! NOW! MOVE THAT GARGANTUAN CRANIUM AND GET ME THE PAPER IF YA CAN! (technically, I botched TWO quotes there. Looooove that movie).

Anyways, long time, no art. I haven't been feeling it. I finished my cert., got married, honeymooned, and *finally* manages to get a job. But I feel love sick and dead, like nothing matters. Art doesn't matter. A clean home doesn't matter. So, ya know, whatever. A BIG part of my lack of art here is computer issues. My comp runs slower. The scanner is too small alot of the time and the software has started annoying me. It's just a big process now. BUT I will share with you what I have.

This is from the mammoth dig I went to in Ellensburg, WA. I had a great time. I tried chilling with my friend Kender, but he was bad news bears the whole time. Then he chewed me out for not thanking Nicci (his girlfriend who brought me on the dig) and getting her in trouble. He also says I'm ungrateful for his kindness. You tell me: if a friend KNOWS you don't have any money, but wants you to go out to the place anyways and says they'll pay, does that mean you 'owe them' later? Is that really friendship? If I do this for you, what do I get?

So, since he NEVER wrote down EXACTLY what he wanted and when I asked he showed me some images from a manga and said 'like that', her is a sketch from what I can remember that he said at Conifur last year. A sorrowful angel and he likes foxes.

Also, hopefully more to come. Since working NFL games at Real again, I've had a chance to work on my Domino comic. Needs backgrounds now! I've developed more characters and concepts for much much farther into the story than I am now.

The Wet Pussy Pub (where Domino works, which is a Seattle based bar based largely on Hennessey's in Laguna Beach,CA, but is in the location of the 5 point bar and grill in Seattle, which is on my bus route to Real).

B.B. (a mortal incarnation of the Egyptian goddess Bast(et))-waitress(Russian blue/Absynian cross)
Cathy (based on the real Cathy of Hennessey's)-owner(tigress)
Michele (based on the real Michele of Hennessey's)-manager(snow leopard)
Veronika-waitress(cacaral/persian mix)
Domino (the main chara,blue haired, purple winged black and white kitty girl)-bar tender
Paul 'Pup'-house DJ, music/band coordinator(dalmation mix)
Joe-head chef (himilayan)

If anyone wants to cameo in the comic, called 'the Moon Cats' as featured in my zine/collected comic 'Nine Lives' send me a chara description and I'll draw you in. But keep in mind, I have to know you...well...or I'm not gonna do it.

Upcoming cameos/charas(that I know about, thus far, for sure): myself, my mom, Andy Panda (aka Andrew Gold who is the co-owner of the Golden lion dojo), Peaches, Kitten/Izzy and Alun (who I haven't written in yet).

Also, I'm looking for anyone who's willing to take me ideas and concepts and do the writing and dialog for me to comic from, since I'm terrible with transitions and getting from A to B to C.

More to come when I stop hating myself.


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