Thursday, March 06, 2008

A feast for your eyes!

Wow! It's been nearly a year since I posted something here and well, for those who actually look at this thing, I've got an eye feast for you!

First up, referencing this post: are the finished line art and colored pencils for the Daly's painter girl. Robin Daly, miss (Mrs.?) co-president/co-owner of the company loved it and mentioned it in her own blog. (If you read through it, I made the Daly's logo snowflake on a challenge from her during the extremely slow winter months and Steve the lumberjack (our stock guy) suggested the sign idea, fyi). I intend to *eventually* do an oil *GASP* painting of it, with a model so everything looks super awesome. I'll actually use a ruler and circle guides too! If I butter Robin up to buy it, it'll have the Daly's text seen in the sketch. If not, it'll just say 'color' or 'Iris' which is the Greek goddess of the rainbow.

Secondly, referencing this post: is the in FINISHED painting! The initial inspiration for it was the Venezuela themed show at Coastal kitchen. After that it sat until I brought it out for the Peru show this last january. Since then, I've dilegently worked on it during my lunches at Daly's. It took about 30mins a day, 4 days a week, for about 6 weeks. That's about 12 hours of just painting. No idea on how much time the sketching, drawing, and research took. But I love it! I'll be going to Washing D.c/New York later this month and I'm going to take a copy to the National Geographic Society headquarters and try to get them to publish it. They wouldn't have to pay me. I would just die a happy death knowing I had been published in a National Geographic magazine (even the one for kids).

Following it are the sketches for my next two 'ecosystem pieces' as I'm calling them. The first I renamed "Amazonia" (which is within Peru, Venezuela, Brazil and some other South american countries).

Lastly (actually, I have no clue at what order the picture upload html thingy generates the thumbnails, so hopefully you can tell what's what) is one of the pieces currently IN the Peru show at coastal Kitchen. It's of different kinds of pepers. Crap. I can't remember which of the spicy ones is what! there's a bell peper, a jalapeno, a serrano, a valencia? and something else with a 'b' in it. It's watercolor, which I love.

For other news that isn't quite so art related, look me up on LJ and Myspace. Sofar, 2008 is off to a great start creatively. Hopefully the momentum will stay up!

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