Saturday, July 24, 2010


I just finished my last trooper in the queue, and I'd love to do more and I have people saying 'I'd love a picture!' but no one sends me pics. Should I just pick and choose or what?

Anyways, this is Brian and he is a sandtrooper. I dunno what it was, but the pose in the photo seemed almost stoic to me and (this sounds really hippie of me) but it provided a lot of neat visuals. One thought was with a Dewback next to him, but Dewback riders have gray/white pauldrons, not black. I thought about tatooine and desert scenes and what not after I drew my initial sketch. Tatooine has two suns that set at slightly different rates (very apparent in Ep. 4 and the very end of Ep. 3) so that became my image. All during painting, my coworkers would say a variation of "you should put one of those dinosaur thingys in the background'. I decided to do it and I'm happy with it. As usual, the gun (and backpack) are probably wrong. And I think his hands are too small. Dammit!

Oh well, it's a pretty picture of a sandtrooper.


Blogger Kat said...

Nothing wrong with hippie.

So, are you taking commissions for people's original characters from the Star Wars universe?

11:04 AM  

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