Sunday, June 20, 2010

Star Wars Art part deux

So, Star Wars, how do I love thee? Shall I compare thee to a warm summer's day? Maybe if warm summer's days didn't give me sunburns or be so in frequent... it rained on yesterday's solstice parade (ha wet hippies) and it's currently raining outside my window. Star Wars isn't as elusive as summer in Seattle and has yet to burn me.

In fact, Star Wars has really opened me up to people, and trying new things (sewing, epoxying, using a Dremmel, fiber glassing, etc.) and artistically. The first images is a sample fandeck of Imperial paint colors...cuz I work at a paint store. The colors that are cut off are DARK LORD, SPACE, OPENING CRAWL, ROYAL GUARD, TWIN SUNS, REBEL SCUM, GOVERNOR, TREE DODGER, and CARBONITE.

Then there's the fleshed out version of something I sketched in between answering phones while members of Garrison titan were on pledge patrol at KCTS 9 for the Star Wars in Concert. Little did I know, someone had already created 'Spotted Ewok' which is a printed label on a can of tuna. Boo urns me.

Lastly, here's the 3rd pieces in the 'free picture of you series' that I'm doing for friend/members of GT. This is Mike, or commanding officer. Obviously he's a stormtrooper. Not obviously, that's not his gun. The first one, I didn't realize how bad the drawing was until I started painting it. The proportions were wayyy wrong. It's a short, stout guy compared to most of the troopers you see in the movies (not that there's anything wrong with that) but I needed to get it right. I started over, worked extra hard on the drawing, and I'm really happy with it. I changed the arm position a bit because the gun would've been really cut off otherwise. Looking at it, I think I made his helmet too smiley. It's hard to be imposing on the Death Star in fog...if you're smiling. Maybe he's doing the "YES! I actually successfully shot and killed rebel scum. Go me!" pose. I dunno.


Blogger Kat said...

This is very awesome. Im glad to see some new stuff coming out, and in different mediums. You are such an experimenter. :)

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